Secure Cycle Sheds

Secure Cycle Sheds
Bike Sheds For new Build Properties

Cycling is becoming more popular across the Liverpool City Region with more infrastructure being put in place for bikes.

Liverpool to become Climate Positive.

Liverpool city council has an existing commitment to cut its overall carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 against 1990 levels. But is now aiming to become the first Carbon Positive City by 2020. The City will attempt to offset the carbon impact of any product or service by transparently supporting forest conservation projects, allowing individuals, organisations, and governments to offset their emissions by maintaining carbon sinks, explained Poseidon. Its unknown where these conservation projects will be.

How does it affect new build homes.

There is now a huge demand on builders and developers to introduce bike shelters and docking solutions to apartments and houses. Also, larger cycle compounds are being fabricated for commercial premises in and around the city.

These bicycle shelters currently need to adhere to the Code of Sustainable Homes.

So what is the Code For Sustainable Homes?

This is a thorough measure of the sustainability within new builds, making sure that developers deliver real improvements within the city region and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and water use. The code has been developed to become the national standard for the design of new build homes, and that it drives improvements in home building practice.

What choices do we have for cycle shelters

The most popular product for new homes is the Wooden Bike Shed which is constructed with FSC certified timber. The bike sheds are available in three different sizes and there are other options to store bikes vertically. This will use up to 40% less surface space and is ideal for families with smaller gardens.

The sheds are secure and have a range of locks that can be used.

Bike Shelters

These work really well for apartment blocks and can be custom fabricated to meet the measurements of your planned area. The cycle shelters are usually located in the parking space of our new build apartment blocks.

The shelters usually have a weatherproof canopy or can be actually be caged with a choice of mesh. The next choice is to look at the stand details.

You can opt for a traditional sheffield stand or have a semi vertical block which will help save space and room.

Technical details.

You can find out more about the technical aspects of each bike shelter solution here


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